Tuesday, 14 April 2009

22 - Another Picture Break

A friend of mine who sews things (her blog is mentioned off to the left... oh and here it is hopping through branches) recently came to stay with us and took some photos. I think you will agree that they are rather stunning.

Also about 5 weeks ago we moved into the house. The barn was driving us crazy and we wanted to be setup in the house before the new baby came along. The kitchen and bathroom have adequate temporary measures in place. When we get them done we will go for final council approval. Keep reading, those that still do, and I'll let you know what happens there.

The house now

Misty morning view from the breakfast nook window

All of us, just north of the house, with the barn in the background.


Geoff said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place Sean. Your home is coming together very nicely. I've really enjoyed following your adventures, even though you've "removalled" a house rather than building one, you've been through an awful lot of the same stuff we'll be facing if and when we ever get started. Well done!

Sean said...

Thanks Geoff. All the best for your project when it kicks off.